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As two Portishead locals, our mission is to make living sustainably easy regardless of your budget. We want to become a destination for sustainable living and education, by providing opportunities for our customers to join the zero waste movement and benefit our local environment.

As well as our wonderful customers, we also believe strongly in providing an opportunity for local suppliers of great products and good ethics to meet our grocery needs. This promotes sustainability but also the local economy.

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Dayzee Moss - Insta

I first started going just for the chocolate and yogurt covered delights that I used to get as a kid, but now i go all of the time. If you can reduce your waste and make a small difference then why wouldnt you try...

Core Values

Locally Sourced Produce

Outstanding Quality

Offering Information

The Understanding Behind Change

Zero Waste

Sustainability is Key

Customer & Community Focus

Our Customer is Our Business

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Dione | Co-founder

My family and I have lived in Portishead for the last 6 years, I feel like I’ve lived here longer as I went to Slade Road Primary but moved to London when I was little. With all my extended family living here, I came back for every school holiday which is why I have such a soft spot for this great town/village (!). I love living here and the sense of community, I truly can’t imagine living any where else.

My background is in event management and have never worked in a shop, so opening Fill Good Pantry was a pretty exciting idea!  Vicki and I are really proud to be able to bring this to the High Street and are really looking forward to opening the doors to you all!  

I think that everyone can make small steps in reducing their waste and looking after the environment, changing habits isn’t easy but worth it!

My first step in reducing my family's waste

We’ve always recycled as much as possible, but after noticing more and more plastic and rubbish EVERYWHERE my eldest and I decided to stop buying into the problem. I stopped buying fruit and veg which was wrapped in packaging and shopped with our local green grocer and along with taking our own containers to our local butchers meant the non-recyclable plastic was pretty much erased from our wheely bin! With two youngsters and tea addicts in the house we go through gallons of milk a week, instead of buying plastic bottles in the supermarket we switched to a traditional milk delivery in glass bottles

Vicki | Co-founder

My family moved here when I was just seven, despite a couple of overseas adventures in my early 20s that saw brief residences in Italy and Spain I have always lived and considered Portishead as my home. Over the past 30 years or so I’ve witnessed Portishead grow from a quaint little town into a vibrant buzzing place to live with a diverse expanding community.

Employment wise I spent time in retail however the majority of my working experience is within financial services. After having my first child I decided to take a break from employment to enjoy valuable family time only returning to work once my youngest started school. I have spent the last few years working at the Portishead Academy of Gymnastics where I have loved seeing the local (and some not so local) children develop a passion for the sport together with their own health, fitness and well being.

I have always felt passionate about the impact behaviours have on the environment and try to make a difference no matter how small, whether that be simply recycling more, shopping in independent stores or assisting some of the great local initiatives such as the Portishead beach clean ups. Seeing the rise in popularity of zero waste stores nationally and carrying out market research I feel the time is right for the Portishead community to be served and have the opportunity to shop in a more environmentally friendly way.

I believe if we all do our bit for the planet, together we can make a big difference. 

My first step in reducing my family’s waste

We have always recycled as much as possible however when I found out that a lot of what we send for recycling still ends up in landfill I knew I needed to be doing more. I started to look at the waste in our bathroom and quickly made the switch to Shampoo bars, homemade deodorant (surprisingly effective), bars of soap and tooth paste tabs. I also started buying refill sachets for cleaning products which combined has seen a huge reduction in our recycling and the need to purchase single use plastic.  


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